For Actors

What should I wear?
Solid colors look best. You should avoid wearing white. Royal blue and medium-dark purples tend to look good on everyone! It is important that your wardrobe does not distract from you- you are the most important thing in the photo! Try to avoid wearing “trend” looks (tops with cut-out shoulders, for example), as these will date your headshots when in 6 months the trend is no longer in style. When you book a session, I will send clothing suggestions and a few questions about your own “brand.” I think it is important your headshots not only represent your personality, but also showcase your potential to agents and casting directors. You want a headshot that makes a casting director stop and imagine you in the role they are casting!

What is a “look”?
A look usually entails a change of wardrobe and potentially your hair and make-up. A change of “look” is meant to showcase a different side of yourself.

When do I get my photos?
You will receive a link to your Pixiset gallery within 48 hours after your shoot. To ensure the process is streamlined, I ask that you choose your photos to edit from the gallery within a week. After you have chosen your photos from the gallery, you will receive your edited images within a week.

How long is a session? How many photos do I get? Can I have all of the unretouched photos?
A standard session lasts about 1 hour. However, I shoot until you feel satisfied- I am flexible on time to make sure that you have a great experience! Generally, I do release all of the unretouched photos to you in web-size files. However, I do not recommend using unretouched photos for professional purposes. In a standard session, you receive 5 retouched images, and 2 “looks.” For an additional fee per image, you can receive more edited images beyond what is included in the standard session. Contact me for more information about the standard session or additional session prices.

How much is a standard session?
A standard session is $150. View more info about pricing here.

Can I get my photos right away? I have an audition in a few days!
Yes! I can expedite the process if you need your photos right away. This will incur an additional charge.

Where do you shoot?
I shoot on location. I am based in Phoenix and Los Angeles, and am available throughout Arizona. If extensive travel is required, there will be an additional fee.

I’m a little nervous! Could we talk before the shoot?
Of course! I know sometimes getting new headshots can be overwhelming, and I am more than happy to chat by phone or over coffee before your session. It is my job to ensure you are comfortable and confident so that shines through in your photos!