Chamber Works


for chamber string orchestra (2016)

This piece utilizes Grisey’s Partiels as a model for orchestral synthesis, formal structure, and timbre/tone-color as well as aleatoric elements. The pitch material is derived from field recordings as interpreted through a sonogram; each section of the piece depicts a place and its characteristics: the shinkansen (bullet) train in Japan, birds in Switzerland, and sounds of the city in New York.

In addition to a research paper: “Spectralism’s Synthesis of Past Musical Traditions: New Musical Discourse and Compositional Technique”, this piece was composed in fulfillment of the Barrett Honors Undergraduate Thesis.


Alexander Tom, conductor
Clarice Collins | violin I
Felix Herbst | violin I
Jingting Liu | violin II
Natalie Rose | violin II
Sarah Evins | viola I
Daniel Lorenzo | viola II
Alex Duke | cello
Elizabeth Weser | cello
Kelsey Mines | bass
(2016, Tempe, AZ)

Philosophical Melancholia

for piano quintet (2015)- premiered July 2015 in Saas-Fee, Switzerland

Inspired by Freud’s 1917 essay Mourning and Melancholia: “ the object has not perhaps actually died, but has been lost as an object of love…”

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Nadia Strijbos | violin
Erica Jacobs-Perkins | violin
Ekaterina Manafova | viola
Juan Manuel Marquez Vazquez | cello
Alaina Debellevue | piano
(2015, Talis Festival & Academy, Saas-Fee, Switzerland)

2014 (remember when? begin again)

for Pierrot ensemble (w/o percussion) (2014)- premiered April 2015

remember when? begin again was inspired by the techniques of minimalism, and the “trance-like” nature described of the often-used repeating patterns. I equate the repeating figures with memory and nostalgia.

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Kelly Davis | flute
Grant Jahn | clarinet
Emilio Vazquez | violin
Marguerite Salajko | cello
Carly Bates | piano
(2015, Tempe, AZ)

The Glass House

for string quartet (2015)- premiered April 2015

The Glass House received a coaching by Weigang Li of the Shanghai String Quartet.

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Amanda Romani | violin
Jingting Liu | violin
Daniel Lorenzo | viola
Emily Hunt | cello
(2015, Phoenix Art Museum, AZ)

Before the Storm

for string quartet (2013)- premiered December 2013

This piece was read by the St. Lawrence String Quartet at the ASU School of Music.

Before the Storm was chosen for publication in Arizona State University’s 2014-2015 Lux Undergraduate Creative Review.

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Emilio Vazquez | violin
Clarice Collins | violin
Ali Friedman | viola
Marguerite Salajko | cello
(2013, Tempe, AZ)


for string quartet (2013)- premiered April 2013

This piece was read by the Juilliard String Quartet at the ASU School of Music.

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Emilio Vazquez | violin
Ali Smurawa | violin
Ashley Carroll | viola
Beth Weser | cello
(2013, Tempe, AZ)