List of Works

Selected Chamber Works

PLACE for string orchestra (2016)- premiered April 6th, 2016
Philosophical Melancholia for piano quintet (2015)- premiered July 2015 in Saas-Fee, Switzerland
Portrait of A Woman in Blue for clarinet in Bb, bassoon, trumpet, trombone, glockenspiel, violin, and double bass (2015)- premiered May 2015
2014 (remember when? begin again) for Pierrot ensemble (w/o percussion) (2014)- premiered April 2015
The Glass House for string quartet (2015)- premiered April 2015
Before the Storm for string quartet (2013)- premiered December 2013
Restless for string quartet (2013)- premiered April 2013


Sought-After Dream Object– for bass and piano (2016)- commissioned by Ryan Downey, premiered April 6th, 2016
In My Dreams– for alto and violin (2014)
Dreams for soprano and piano (2012)- premiered May 2013
Little Child for soprano and piano (2012)
Apparently with no Surprise for voice and clarinet (2012)
Look Back on Time With Kindly Eyes for voice, clarinet, violin, cello and marimba (2012)- premiered February 2013


Greyfriars Graveyard for SATB choir, clarinet and crotales (2013)
On The Wings of The Wind for SATB a capella choir (2013)

Selected Solo Works

Stream of Consciousness for alto saxophone (2016)- commissioned by Tyler Flowers, premiered April 6th, 2016
Nebulous Beings for cello (2014)- premiered November 2014
Four Character Pieces for piano (2014):
Makes Me Anxious– premiered April 6th, 2016
Untitled (for Naomi)– premiered April 6th, 2016
We Need to Talk– premiered May 2014
Our Covers Are A Fortress– premiered May 2014
Covers for piano (2014)- performed June 2014
Get Some Sleep for guitar (2013)- premiered September 2014
Dans une brume doucement sonore for piano (2013)
Masquerade for violin (2012)- premiered November 2012
Seascape for piano (2011)
Sanctuary for piano (2011)

Film Scores

Drop Your Hat (2015) for string quartet, clarinet and harp for The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari silent film
Performed live in Saas-Fee, Switzerland in July 2015, as part of a collaborative event between the Talis Festival and Saas-Fee Film Festival.
We Probably Still Do (2015)
Directed by Bethany Brown, produced by Nick D’Orazio
Selected for Showcase at the 10th Annual ASU Student Film Festival, April 2015- Tempe, AZ.
Selected for screening at Brainhouse Films’ “Monday Movie Night” at Sozo’s Coffee, May 2015- Chandler, AZ. 
Official selection of the IndieAZ Fest- July 2015- Tempe, AZ.
Selected for screening at FilmBar’s Arizona Filmmaker Showcase, October 2015- Phoenix, AZ.
Official selection of the Arizona Production Association’s “Ladies Night Out” screening, November 2015- Phoenix, AZ.
Selected for publication in ASU’s “LUX Undergraduate Creative Review,”- Film winner- March 2016​
Bee Healthy Productions documentary (2013)
Directed by Hannah Nunez

Electronic Works

In Response to ‘Hey, Baby’ (2015)- premiered April 2nd, 2016, in collaboration with Nicola Rough (dancer)