Solo Instrument

Stream of Consciousness for alto saxophone (2016)- commissioned by Tyler Flowers, premiered April 6th, 2016
Nebulous Beings for cello (2014)- premiered November 2014
Four Character Pieces for piano (2014):
Makes Me Anxious- premiered April 6th, 2016
Untitled (for Naomi)- premiered April 6th, 2016
We Need to Talk- premiered May 2014
Our Covers Are A Fortress- premiered May 2014
Covers for piano (2014)- performed June 2014
Get Some Sleep for guitar (2013)- premiered September 2014
Dans une brume doucement sonore for piano (2013)
Masquerade for violin (2012)- premiered November 2012
Seascape for piano (2011)
Sanctuary for piano (2011)